Students At Medway is a Kent Union branch for Medway College. Since we’re in a unique situation for the Medway campus, we’re also here to help Greenwich and CCCU students too! It’s our mission to unify the whole campus, and just some of our goals this year are:

– Creating a nightlife at Medway by bringing all university students together for events.

– Representing your voice to the university and the union.

– Raising the profile of Medway by establishing it as the creative campus.

– Providing more opportunities for direct student engagement with each other and SAM through regular, organised events.

We’re really excited to change Medway for the better, and excited for you to come on this journey with us, because together #WeAreSAM.

We want to know what you think. So tell us on Facebook, email us or leave us a voicemail on 03303211259.